Flowpoint announces partnership with Grantify

Flowpoint announces partnership with Grantify

We are pleased to announce a partnership between Flowpoint and Grantify.

This partnership will enable Grantify’s clients to use Flowpoint’s user behaviour analysis tools at a discounted rate and receive a complimentary one-hour audit of their website.

During this audit, the Flowpoint team will help the businesses to build their user flows and discover the insights that emerge. Together, they’ll analyse the findings and discuss potential ways to increase the website’s conversion rate.

Flowpoint’s AI marketing analyst services will be accessible through Grantify’s perks portal.

We look forward to a prosperous partnership with Grantify by supporting them on their mission to help businesses secure funding.

With Flowpoint’s services, Grantify’s clients will be able to optimise their websites and increase conversions, improving the efficiency of their businesses and placing them in a more favourable position to attract funding.

About Grantify

Grantify is a funding support service that helps startups secure business grants, B Corp certification, and R&D tax credits.

Their innovative platform streamlines application processes, making it more simple and more efficient to apply for funding. After asking a series of simple questions, their AI solution generates a funding application before submitting it for expert review.

Grantify provides its clients with detailed guidance, model answers, access to expert support, and an array of perks — including Flowpoint!

More than 60% of 2022 Innovate UK round recipients were Grantify clients. With Grantify, startups can increase their chances of receiving government funding.

About Flowpoint

Flowpoint is a website analytics tool that helps businesses to increase conversions and optimise their website.

Our AI-powered platform analyses conversion funnels to see how users interact with websites and where they drop off.

The Flowpoint user behaviour tool enables businesses to discover any technical, UI or UX-related issues that may be causing potential customers to leave.

With access to these valuable user insights through Flowpoint, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, drive revenue, and accelerate growth.

Partner with Flowpoint

Whether you’re interested in using Flowpoint to optimise your website and drive conversions or would like to discuss a potential partnership with us, contact a member of our friendly team today!

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