How to Install Website Analytics On-Premise for Your Business

Vlad Niculescu
Vlad Niculescu

CEO @ Flowpoint

11 February 2024

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How to Install Website Analytics On-Premise for Your Business

In today's digital landscape, data-driven decision-making is essential for business success. One crucial aspect of this is understanding your website visitors to optimize user experience and drive conversions. This is where website analytics come into play. You might be familiar with cloud-based analytics, but have you considered an on-premise solution? In this article, we'll walk you through the process of installing website analytics on-premise for your business and discuss the benefits of this approach.

What are on-premise website analytics?

On-premise analytics solutions involve hosting your analytics tool on your own servers, giving you full control over your data and enhancing your data privacy. Some businesses choose on-premise analytics to ensure compliance with privacy regulations, while others value the increased control and flexibility in customizing the tool.

The advantages of on-premise website analytics

Here are the top reasons to consider setting up on-premise analytics for your business:

  1. Privacy and security: On-premise solutions keep your data within your organization, reducing the risk of breaches and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.
  2. Customization and control: You have the flexibility to tailor the analytics tool to your needs, and you can scale the system as your business grows.
  3. Reduced latency: Hosting the analytics tool on your servers can lead to faster report generation, ensuring timely insights to inform decision-making.

Now that you understand the benefits, let's dive into the step-by-step installation process.

How to install website analytics on-premise for your business

Step 1: Choose the right analytics tool

First, research and select an on-premise analytics tool that meets your business needs. Consider the ease of installation, customization options, and compatibility with your existing systems. For example, Flowpoint.ai is a highly customizable and scalable on-premise solution that offers powerful features such as funnel analytics, session tracking, and AI-generated recommendations.

Step 2: Prepare your infrastructure

Before installing the analytics tool, ensure that your servers meet the minimum requirements specified by your chosen solution, and allocate sufficient resources to support the expected volume of analytical tasks.

Step 3: Install the analytics software

Follow the installation guidelines provided by the analytics tool provider to set up the software on your server, and configure the database to store the analytics data.

Step 4: Set up tracking on your website

Integrate the analytics tool to your website by adding the provided tracking code to the pages you want to monitor. This allows the software to collect visitor data and generate valuable insights on user behavior.

Step 5: Configure the analytics software

Once installed, define the key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics you'd like to track and tailor the dashboard to provide actionable insights. This may include setting up goal funnels, custom filters, and advanced segmentation options.

Step 6: Test and monitor

After implementing the tracking code, test your analytics tool to ensure it is functioning correctly and capturing the necessary data. Continue to monitor your analytics solution to identify potential performance bottlenecks and to stay on top of software updates.

Step 7: Train your team

Lastly, provide training and support materials for your team to ensure they can effectively utilize the analytics tool and make data-informed decisions.


Installing website analytics on-premise can provide businesses with better control and privacy of their data, as well as allowing for comprehensive customization. By following these steps, your business can reap the benefits of on-premise analytics to inform your marketing strategies, optimize user experience, and ultimately, boost conversion rates. Consider harnessing the power of an on-premise analytics tool like Flowpoint.ai and take control of your website data today.

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