How to Track Which Website Features Users Use the Most Before Purchasing

Andrei Lupascu
Andrei Lupascu

CTO @ Flowpoint

11 February 2024

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How to Track Which Website Features Users Use the Most Before Purchasing

Identifying the Most Impactful Website Features

Understanding user behavior before making a purchase is essential for any business looking to boost their conversion rates. By identifying the features users interact with most frequently, marketers can optimize their websites, enhance user experience, and increase revenue.

This article will walk you through the process of tracking and analyzing website features your users interact with the most before making a purchase decision.

Analyzing User Behavior

1. Heatmaps

Heatmaps are powerful visual tools that can help you quickly determine where users are clicking, scrolling or pausing on your website. They can reveal the users' path right before a purchase.

By analyzing and understanding heatmap data, you can identify the features that hold the most interest for users, enabling you to optimize these elements for increased conversions.

Real-world example: An e-commerce retailer found that more than 60% of users were clicking on a chat support icon right before purchasing. The company invested more resources in their chat system, leading to an 18% increase in sales.

2. Session Recordings

Session recordings provide a video of user interactions on your site, making it easier to analyze their behavior before purchasing. You can follow users' website navigation and pinpoint the features they interact with the most.

Real-world example: By studying session recordings, a software company discovered that users who watched a product tutorial video were more likely to sign up for their service. To increase signup rates, they placed the tutorial more prominently on their homepage.

3. Funnel Analytics

Funnel analytics provide insights into users' path from website entry to purchase completion. Analyzing this data, you can identify where users drop off and how they interact with different features on their journey towards making a purchase.

Identifying the most effective features along the user journey can help you focus on what matters: increasing conversion rates.

Real-world example: A SaaS company found that offering a live demo increased conversions by 35%. Knowing this, they started promoting their demo more actively within their website features.

4. A/B Testing

A/B testing involves creating two versions of a webpage or a website feature and testing them against each other. By monitoring user interactions during the test period, you can determine which variation is more effective.

Real-world example: An online store tested two different versions of a product page layout, finding that a layout with prominent 'add to cart' buttons increased conversions by 20%. They implemented this layout sitewide and enjoyed a boost in sales.

Leveraging AI-powered Analytics for Success

While traditional analytics tools can be helpful for tracking and analyzing user behavior, AI-powered analytics can upscale your understanding of what drives conversions. Flowpoint.ai, a web analytics company, offers AI-generated recommendations along with funnel analytics, behavior analytics, and session tracking, rendering deep insights for boosting conversion rates.


Understanding the features your users interact with the most before purchasing is crucial for driving conversions and increasing revenue. By using these tools and leveraging cutting-edge analytics platforms like Flowpoint.ai, you can identify and optimize your website's features, deliver a superior user experience, and enjoy a higher conversion rate in return.

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