The Best Call to Actions for SaaS

Vlad Niculescu
Vlad Niculescu

CEO @ Flowpoint

12 January 2024

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The Best Call to Actions for SaaS

In the competitive SaaS landscape, a well-crafted call to action (CTA) is more than a button or a line of text; it's a crucial part of your digital strategy. A compelling CTA not only grabs attention but also drives conversions, acting as a guide for your potential customers through their journey. Let’s dive into the top 10 CTAs that are proven to boost conversion rates in SaaS, tailored for marketing professionals, business owners, and AI enthusiasts.

1. “Start Your Free Trial”

This CTA is effective because it reduces the perceived risk for the user. It's a low-commitment way for potential customers to test your service and see its value firsthand. By offering a free trial, you're expressing confidence in your product's ability to satisfy the user's needs.

  • Top Reasons: Risk-Free, Instant Access
  • Good for: Encouraging first-hand experience, Reducing signup hesitance

2. “Book a Call”

Personalized service is vital in the digital age. "Book a Call" invites potential customers to interact directly with your team. This CTA is effective for complex or high-value SaaS products where customers might need more information or reassurance before making a decision.

  • Top Reasons: Personal Touch, Builds Trust
  • Good for: Establishing trust, Offering personalized guidance

3. “Get Started Free”

Slightly different from a free trial, this CTA suggests a more immediate start without any barriers. It's particularly effective for services that offer a freemium model, where users can start using basic features for free and upgrade as needed.

  • Top Reasons: Easy Entry, No Commitment
  • Good for: Attracting a broader audience, Simplifying the user's decision

4. “See Plans and Pricing”

Transparency is key in building trust. This CTA works well for users who are further down the sales funnel and are considering the specifics of a purchase. It helps them make an informed decision by clearly understanding the investment and what they’ll get in return.

  • Top Reasons: Transparent, Informed Decision
  • Good for: Educating potential customers, Facilitating informed purchasing decisions

5. “Download Our Guide”

Offering a valuable resource, like a guide, in exchange for user details is a classic lead generation technique. It’s a win-win; users get helpful information, and you get their contact details for future marketing efforts.

  • Top Reasons: Resourceful, Lead Generation
  • Good for: Providing value, Capturing leads

6. “Join Our Community”

Building a community around your product can be a game-changer. This CTA invites users to be part of something bigger, encouraging engagement and loyalty. It's particularly effective for SaaS products that benefit from user interaction and feedback.

  • Top Reasons: Community Building, Engaging
  • Good for: Fostering loyalty, Enhancing user engagement

7. “Schedule a Demo”

For more complex SaaS solutions, a demo can be a critical step in the customer journey. This CTA allows potential customers to see your product in action, guided by an expert who can answer their questions in real-time.

  • Top Reasons: Interactive, Hands-On Experience
  • Good for: Demonstrating product value, Addressing specific customer queries

8. “Claim Your Discount”

Everyone loves getting a good deal. This CTA creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, compelling users to act quickly to take advantage of a special offer. It’s effective for seasonal campaigns or promoting new features.

  • Top Reasons: Cost-Effective, Urgency
  • Good for: Driving quick decisions, Promoting special offers

9. “Subscribe for Updates”

Keeping potential customers in the loop is vital for long-term engagement. This CTA is perfect for capturing the details of those who might not be ready to buy but are interested in staying informed about your product.

  • Top Reasons: Informative, Lead Nurturing
  • Good for: Building a subscriber base, Long-term customer engagement

10. “Learn More”

Simple yet effective, this CTA is ideal for drawing users deeper into your site to understand better what you offer. It’s a non-intrusive way to encourage users to explore more without making a commitment.

  • Top Reasons: Informative, User-Friendly
  • Good for: Educating potential customers, Gently guiding users through the sales funnel

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